Building Permits New Mexico

New - Electronic Plan Submittal
Expedited or Standard Permit processing
Process "Planning Department" submittals
Obtain Zoning variances
Establish water and sewer accounts
Submit "Dust Permits"
Obtain prairie dog approvals in Santa Fe
Resolve "stop construction" (red tag) issues
Obtain Food Licenses
Submit Health Department Building approvals
Obtain "Emergency Generator" air quality permit
Obtain Highway Department approvals
Call Bob Golden, owner, 505-898-0321, with any questions.  Welcome to New Mexico!
Conduct neighborhood meetings
Research archives
Obtain "Administrative Amendments to Site Plans"
Print construction documents
Submit revisions to construction documents
Negotiate "Americans with Disability Act (ADA) complaints
Owner's representative
Coordinate owner, architect, engineer and government preliminary meetings
Recommend designers and general contractors that expedite
Recommend construction attorney
Testify as an expert witness on building permit issues
Construction photography


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